Vixx super hero

Vixx First Single Album Superhero

​                  VIXX- Superhero [Discography]

Super Hero was the official debut single for K-Pop boy band VIXX. It was released on May 24, 2012. There is three tracks in the official single album. The promotional single was Superhero. It is available in CD and Digital Download formats.

​                      Track ListEdit

1. Superhero [A-Side/Main Single]

2. Starlight [B-Side]

3. Superhero [Instrumental]

​                  Producers and LabelEdit

Label: Jellyfish Entertainment.

Producers: Kiggen, Brent Paschke, Jimmy Richard Drew.

​                       Songwriters and MusicEdit

Songwriters: Kiggen, Ravi [VIXX member] .

Music: Kiggen, Brent Paschke, Jimmy Richard Drew.

​                      Music Video [MV]Edit


​                  External Links/ External SourcesEdit


Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia, Super Hero [VIXX Song].

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